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Blue light is a visible color of the light spectrum seen by the human eye. Blue light has a shorter wave that adversely affects your vision and length, producing more energy. Blue light is considered harmful because many studies show that blue light can cause eye strain, sleeplessness, fatigue, and headaches.

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Natural Blue Light vs. Artificial Blue Light

The blue light wavelengths surround us, and it is found everywhere. You might not have known, but they are why the sky appears blue to us.

Blue light has shorter wavelengths that collide with air particles and cause the blue light to scatter; due to these scattered wavelengths of blue light, our eyes process the sky as blue. It regulates the body’s sleep and wake cycles, also known as circadian rhythms.

Blue light also plays a vital role in boosting your alertness and elevating your moods; it can also increase your reaction time and overall well-being. Some artificial sources of blue light include electronic devices and other lighting types.

How can blue light affects your eyes

Blue light affects your eyes in several ways; blue light can easily pass through your cornea and the lens of your eyes to reach the retina. This light can adversely affect your vision and prematurely age your eyes. Research shows that too much exposure to blue light leads to the following problems:

Digital Eye Strain

Blue light emitted from digital screens and computer devices can lead to digital eye strain as it decreases the contrast. Symptoms of eyestrain are sore eyes, itching, and difficulty in focusing..

Retina Damage

Some studies show that exposure to blue light for an extended time can cause severe damage to your retina cells. As a result, you will face several eye-related problems like nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, age-related macular degeneration, etc.

Muscular Degeneration

As a result, several changes in your eyes that are very similar to those of muscular degeneration, and sometimes it may lead to permanent loss. Many eye care specialists suggest that added blue light exposure from smartphones, computer screens, and other electronic devices can increase your risk of muscular degeneration later in your life; Therefore, we recommend wearing computer glasses as long as you are in front of a computer.

How Does Blue Light Affect Sleep?

Many people think inexpensive glasses with orange-tinted lenses can block blue light, which is quite true, but the drawback is that they also block other colors, so they cannot be used indoors at night.

If you want to protect yourself from blue light at night, then you have to follow the tips given below:
If you are using a night light, make sure it is red. There are fewer chances of a shift in Circadian Rhythm and melatonin suppression with a red light.
Stop looking at bright screens for at least 2 to 3 hours before bed.
If you have the night shift at work or use electronic devices frequently at night, consider wearing blue-light-blocking glasses or using applications that filter the blue wavelength at night. It will Boost Your ability to sleep at night and promote melatonin production in your body. It also improves your mood and alertness during daylight.

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Protect Your Eyes From Blue Light

Computers, mobile phones, and other digital devices will always be prone to blue light. There are some methods by which you can reduce blue light exposure.

Reduce Screen Time

Try to reduce the time you spend in front of screens, and take frequent breaks when you are using computers so that your eyes can have adequate rest.

Computer Glasses

We recommend you check the level of lens protection before purchasing. For example, our lenses give 100% protection up to 420nm and 50% between 430nm – 460nm. That covers the full protection of your eyes from the dangers of blue light.

Anti-Reflexive Coating

If you wear eyeglasses or prescription glasses, you can add an anti-reflective coating layer to your lenses.
This coating will help block the blue light and keep your eyes safe.

Muunel blue light lenses’ – The Advantages

Our company offers lenses for any previously mentioned problems, eye fatigue, macular degeneration, and retinal diseases.
Muunel computer protection lenses offer 100% filtering up to 420nm; and 50% protection between the spectrum 430nm – 460nm. (Most competitors have lenses that block a value of only 2%) We’ve also introduced other unique technologies to make your life easier:
Muunel lenses are adaptable to any prescription, whether you have a sphere or cylinder diopters Anti-Reflex Layer ( AR) to eliminate 100% reflections.
Our glasses also contain UV protection up to 400 nm – a level similar to some quality sunglasses Lenses are made from the premium organic material CR 39 Thanks to a particular protective layer, water and fog are removed from the surface of the lenses. Thanks to the innovations of our lenses, they are resistant to scratches and impacts of any kind.

Muunel® Computer Glasses

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