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We are Muunel Copenhagen

We bring 45 years of lens crafting experience to you, protecting your eyes while giving you the best visual experience and allowing you to keep doing your work and favorite activities. We know that your career may involve long hours in front of a screen or under cold lighting tones. Many of these roles include night shifts when we have evolved to be under warm or no light at night.

Eco-friendly philosophy

Muunel blue light glasses are a natural extension of the ready-to-wear collections with a modern and confident design.

Our eco-friendly philosophy and Muunel are built with the same philosophy; we want to keep the world better for the next generation and enjoy life. Our products are made with bio-based materials to protect the earth.


Q&A with Muunel designer

Muunel Blue Light

We use special technology lenses that filter blue light with 50% of the entire range and 100% of the most impactful wavelengths.
We embed a naturally occurring blue light filtering ocular pigment into our lens. This makes it the perfect balance between a virtually clear and effective solution.

Muunel Transition UVA

We apply a premium AR coating to block 100% of UVA and UVB rays.
Help protect your eyes from the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays
Muunel lenses are the perfect balance between a virtually transparent, beautiful lens and an effective Blue Light filtering solution.

Muunel Collection

We play with scale, compliment the face, and consider our customers’ needs.
The greatest challenge was the amount of time spent on testing to get the best quality product possible.

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