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How To Adjust New Glasses

Whether they are vision glasses, blue light glasses, driving glasses, or simply sunglasses, you will wear them for hours at a time, so it’s essential that they are comfortable and don’t cause any distress. You spent hours searching for the perfect style and size for your face, you ordered the glasses, and now that they have arrived, you might feel that they are not perfect.

This can happen sometimes, and it doesn’t mean that you have to return them, but rather make some slight adjustments. This is quite normal when ordering glasses online, as each face is different, and there is no perfect frame that will fit everyone.

So follow the steps presented below, and hopefully, you will end up with a pair of glasses that fits your face nicely and that you can wear for many hours at a time with no discomfort.

The glasses are sitting too low on the nose

In case the glasses have a wireframe, you need to push the nose pads closer to each other by using your thumbs. Keep adjusting until they fit tight against each side of your nose. If your glasses have a plastic frame like muunel offers, you need to place them in warm water for about 1 minute. Then, gently apply some pressure on the end of the temples, pressing inwards and downwards. This will ensure a better fit behind the ears.

The glasses are pinching your nose

This is the opposite problem of the one mentioned above, so you must perform the opposite actions. In case of glasses with a wireframe, use your fingers to spread the nose pads apart from each other until you no longer feel the pinch on the nose. For the case of glasses with a plastic frame, place them in warm water for 1 minute and then gently lift the end of the temples outwards and upwards. By doing this, they will fit more relaxed behind the ears.

One lens is higher than the other

If the left lens is higher, you have to bend the right arm downwards slowly. If the right one is higher, you have to turn the left arm. Do the bending where the arm feels more adjustable, either at the hinge or at the bend that sits on the ears.

One lens is closer to the eye

If the left lens is closer, you have to either bend the left temple arm inwards or the right one outwards. Sometimes you might have to adjust both of them until you feel that they fit right. If the correct lens is closer to the eye, you must either bend the right temple arm inwards or bend the left temple arm outwards (or both). The bending is done at the hinge. Some materials are more adjustable than others, while some can’t be adjusted. Try the steps as mentioned above, but be careful and don’t force the bending; otherwise, you might break them. If you have tried all of these adjustments and they still don’t fit right, you can either go to an optometrist to adjust them for you or return them from where you got them and ask for a different frame.

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