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How Blue Light Glasses Can Help Protect Your Vision

The eyewear industry is humongous and is continuously growing. If you talk about Europe alone, more than 50% of the population in major countries of Europe wears eyeglasses, whether they are prescription or non-prescribed ones; in Slovakia, for example, a staggering 85% of the population wears eyeglasses.

Keeping all these facts in mind, it is an absolute necessity to find out what works the best for these millions of eyeglasses users worldwide. Blue light is the worst enemy to human eyes and is considered the reason for many problems that an average person faces throughout the day, like eye strain, headache, neck stiffness, shoulder pain, etc.

In this article, we’ll be giving you all the reasons for how Blue Light Blocking Glasses can protect your vision and why these glasses are not just another marketing gimmick.

What is Blue Light?

Any light that we see is made up of seven colors; these colors have different wavelengths (which is measured in nanometer), the blue color among all these colors has the shortest wavelength, and that’s the reason it can travel far in our eyes, hence, causing a more severe effect as compared to all the other ones.

The ability to penetrate the human eye of the color blue is the reason why it is so important to have some protection against it; it can not only cause us minor problems but also can disrupt our sleeping pattern as a majority of the population is addicted to some artificial light usage in the night time as well.

Let your Eyes Breathe Better:

Just like any other part of our body, eyes too are compassionate towards pollution, and considering that fact the blue light is just like pollution to our eyes, filtering it out and blocking it before it reaches the inner part of our eyes would be like breathing fresh air and avoiding all the bad stuff.

Blue Light Blocking Glasses can surely improve your life quality regardless of your profession, age, and gender. Protecting your vision is not a waste of your money in any way or form, but rather it’s an investment that will secure the future version of you. We spend thousands of dollars on buying the little gadgets of technology, but truth be told, our body parts are priceless as they can’t ever be replaced.

Are Blue Light Blocking Glasses Just Another Marketing Gimmick?

Now that we have established that buying a pair of these glasses wouldn’t hurt, let’s not keep the controversial side of this scenario untouched because that wouldn’t be fair.

You must have heard, “Everything is fair in love and war,” well, it goes the same for business marketing as well. Anything that can be said and done to make a product sell like hotcakes, they don’t think twice about it; now,

coming back to our topic, it’s been promoted by companies that blue light can permanently damage your eyes, which is absolutely false and cannot be backed by scientific evidence.

Despite being the fact that blue light cannot permanently damage your eyes, other claims about it cannot be ignored as people have tried and tested these glasses and found them supportive in their daily life. These glasses can block up to 30% of the harmful waves coming your way, which makes them worth buying.


There’s a lot to take from this article if you’re sensitive about your eyes and try to keep your vision safe and sound. For starters, the fact that we only live by our eyes throughout the day and in the times we live in, where screen time of an average person has gone up to a whopping 9 hours a day, anything that helps us in keeping our eyes healthy deserves our attention and mustn’t be ignored.

As I am concluding this article, I would like to mention that I am wearing a pair of Blue Light Blocking glasses myself as I write this. I have a long-sighted prescription; my experience with them has been excellent in all parts of my life, no matter if I am driving at night or sit in front of the computer screen for long hours.

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