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Can sunglasses provide blue light protection for your eyes?

The answer is Yes. With the proliferation of electronic devices, we are exposed to the screens of our cell phones, computers all day. In the evening, we still spend time in front of the television. Unfortunately, all of these devices reflect blue light, which is not suitable for the body to function properly when exposed to it for a long time.

Here are the operations and benefits of anti-blue light glasses / Sunglasses created to regulate our blue light exposure.

Why protect yourself from blue light?

Low exposure to blue light is beneficial for your health. Among other things, it helps regulate the hormonal system. When blue light hits your retina, it contributes to your psychological well-being. It also contributes to the production of specific vitamins in the body and therefore participates in the general metabolism.

However, too much exposure to this blue light produces damage. Lights in the blue-violet spectrum band can be harmful to your body because it has high energy. If it seems impossible to get rid of your technological toys, wearing anti-blue light glasses appears to be the best solution to adopt to preserve health.

Blue anti-light glasses and screen-How do these glasses work?

Protection against ultraviolet rays

Several types of Sunglasses on the market have only one function: to protect your eyes against the famous ultraviolet rays. Each firm has its technology. Several brands of anti-blue light glasses have carefully thought out and optimized their products for a good view of the screen of your smartphone, computer, or television (2). These glasses have an anti-blue light filter that prevents your eyes from being exposed to said light.

Indeed, when you are in front of your screen, the spectrum of light sent is filtered by the lenses of your glasses. Then, they reduce the intensity of light and energy, reaching your eyes. You are thus protected from these rays, which can damage your retina.

The average French person spends 8 hours in front of screens every day, either for professional reasons, chatting with friends, or games. These glasses will help you keep up with the pace of your modern life. They will protect you from ultraviolet rays, relieve your eyes, and help improve your vision.

The choice of your glasses

To choose your anti-blue light glasses, there are criteria that you must take into account. First of all, the glasses must be adapted to the distance required to work on your screen. Therefore, this distance is relative and different from one person to another. Then if you already have medical glasses, your approach should be different. A consultation with your ophthalmologist will give you all the necessary answers. If you are not a wearer, choose blue light blocking glasses according to your needs and goals.

They might not be evident at the very beginning because you will have a contrasting vision; some colors will change when you wear these glasses. But over time, when you get used to it, you won’t be able to get rid of it. When going out during the day, you can wear them when the sun is too hot and produces ultraviolet rays. In terms of style, brands offer different types to satisfy customers. The frames are suitable for various looks.

The benefits of anti-blue light glasses

Against eye fatigue

In general, your children are more vulnerable to blue light because they have a more transparent lens (3). Often exposed to video games or in front of television sets for their favorite shows and cartoons, their eyes tire more quickly, giving rise to lobe pain, tingling …

The same is observed in adults who spend their time in front of computer screens all day long, estimated by surveys to be an average of 4,000 hours, which adults spend in front of screens per year.

In addition to television and computer screens, there are also screens of your smartphones, which have become essential tools. Spending extended periods in front of screens creates eye strain. At one point, your eyes are tired, you feel headaches, sometimes tingling. Anti-blue light glasses offer anti-fatigue technology that relieves your eyes when staring at your screens. All you have to do is wear this pair of glasses whenever exposed to a blue light source.

Some brands make glasses that come in two models.

  • The pro model in orange color. This model provides adequate protection against the blue rays of artificial light and energy-saving fluorescent lamps.
  • Yellow goggles help filter radiation.

Other brands offer lenses that provide the same protection. These glasses allow the eye to relax and not be tired. These blue light blocking glasses filter the light rays that reach the eyes and reduce the spectrum. The treatment is done on the surface. The spectrum of blue light, which is generally between 420 and 520 mm, is reduced to levels where it is less harmful.

It is this new spectrum that reaches the brain and stimulates photo-activatable proteins.

Beware of fatigue in front of your screen.

For the search for an optimal vision

During the day, when you are exposed for more than eight hours of straight time (4), your vision is no longer optimal. The first symptom is that the vision becomes blurred. Sometimes you feel pain in the lobes.

Some people take a shower to recharge their batteries. You need to rinse your eyes with water or products in other cases. To overcome this, it is essential to get anti-blue light glasses for total vision optimization. Indeed, these glasses reduce the spectrum’s value so that it is not harmful to the eyes. Many eyeglass wearers face this same situation. Some people are forced to switch from their lenses to sunglasses or lenses to screen glasses. To avoid all this unnecessary hassle, you may have information from an optician if you are in this situation.

Variable tint glasses exist. Whether you wear it or not, variable-tint lenses allow you to optimize your view from the inside. They also bring you comfort since they offer you darkening possibilities (regardless of the lighting), and this with the only pair you have. They provide you with total protection. When you have naturally sensitive eyes to light, these glasses also provide you with safety and optimal vision.


Blue light is essential and beneficial for the organism, for the balance of the biological clock. But too much exposure to this light can lead to lesions and damage your eyes.

Anti-blue light glasses were created to allow those who are daily exposed to screens to protect their eyes and limit their exposure to this light’s harmful reflections.

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